The Quality Committee to improve the People Domain of Projects

Quality Project Management Office

People Aspect of a QPMO

Business Engineers

Organizational Culture and the Business Mission dictate the Business Structure for success.  A QPMO provides tailored Quality Culture for the organization.

Project Managers

Professional Managers poses the knowledge and experience to do their tasks, but more importantly understand their strengths and leverage diversity in inclusive teams.

Mindful Leaders

Leaders with Emotional Intelligence get together in a QPMO to accomplish successful projects with less stress in a cooperative and collaborative environment.

Creative Innovators

Agility is the mindset of experts collaborating in a QPMO to find Innovative Solutions and implement Digital Transformation using the latest tools and techniques.

Proven Methodology

Join our community or watch a webinar to learn more about our philosophy, methodology, and best practices.  

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Current Projects

Applying the QPMO Methodology to integrate quality for the Construction and Maintenance of Capital Assets and Infrastructures of High-Tech Facilities

QPMO for Construction 4.0

A short Demo on how QualityPMO Principles were applied to transform a Construction Quality Management Program

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QPMO Consultant Role

To better understand the key role a QPMO Consultant can play in an organization, a draft role description is presented here:


PMO Strategies

Is the term “PMO” being left in the dust? 

It’s a big question, but let’s be real — the name PMO can carry some serious baggage. 

Some business leaders love it, while others have had bad experiences and want nothing to do with it. 

That’s where the conversation starts – with how prior experiences shape perceptions of PMOs and why executives like to be involved in the process. 

But that’s just the beginning! 

Whether you call it a PMO, strategy delivery office, transformation office, or something else entirely, I’m giving you the tools to ensure you and your team are set up for success in this rapidly changing business environment. 

QPMO is beyond a PMO! 

Looking for a way to transform your organization into a high-performing, quality-driven powerhouse? Look no further than! The QPMO Methodology is applied beyond the traditional concept of a Project Management Office (PMO), offering a unique approach to problem-solving that brings together professional managers with a shared focus on "Quality!"

With QualityPMO Business Project Consulting, you have access to a range of services that can help you build and implement a QPMO at multiple levels of your organization. Whether you're looking for training, coaching, or consulting services, experienced professionals are here to guide you every step of the way. Seek support for the enterprise, departmental, project, and activity levels PMOs, with a range of directive, controlling, and supportive maturity options to fit your needs.

But that's not all. When you join the community, you'll have the opportunity to share best practices and learn from other professionals in the field. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran, there's always something new to discover and explore. So why wait? Visit join today to start building your QPMO and taking your organization to the next level.

If you are new to the Project Management Office concept
and would like to learn more about PMO strategies,
Laura Barnard has great resources for you!


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Ongoing Mentorship & Office Hours

Business Agility
Business Agility

Discussions on technical and management aspects of your Professional Management skills

Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence
People Skills

Discussions on Personal and Organizational aspects of your Interpersonal skills

Quality Risk Manager

Latest Webinar on applying the QualityPMO Methodology to integrate Risk Management to achieve Quality Excellence in organizations and managing projects


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Past Events


QPMO Community as part of Engineering Society of Detroit


QPMO Community as part of PMI Great Lakes

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Dr. Emari, PMP

The QualityPMO Methodology is developed by Dr. Emari, PMP.  For more information, don't hesitate to contact him through the following links:

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